Jay's Services INc. 

Reliable. Efficient. Experienced.

Your job is our number one priority!

That’s what makes Jay’s Services so special. Our experienced team of workers treats each and every job with the utmost importance. Our team has been providing clients with quality work at affordable prices for over five years. Our owner, Jay, strives to ensure that every customer is left completely satisfied with the work done to their home or business. 

No job is too big or too small, so hurry and give Jay’s Services Inc. a call!


Problems always creep up and, if you don't how to solve them, it can be rather intimidating. We understand that and we're here to help; whether it be a paint job, a door handle that won't cooperate, or some drywall that needs TLC, you can depend on us.

We're Here when you need a hand...

About Us

We have a team of experienced workers who ensure that every job is a job well done. We can fix a whole slew of problems and knock off one more item from your To-Do list. With over ten years in the local home repair and remodeling business, we've almost seen it all. So let Jay's Services Inc. make your To-Do list a little shorter and your stress a little less. 

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